Our grateful thanks to the generous sponsors, residents and volunteers of Grayshott who not only open their gardens, but their hearts to all the visitors raising funds for our award winning community.

We are delighted that Warren Powell Richards is once again sponsoring this great village event and with their patronage we will be able to raise even more funds for distribution within our community.  Darren Light of Warren Powell Richards said "I could not be more enthusiastic about our association with such a worthwhile event in our community; it is a wonderful day out for all the family, raising funds for such a vast range of diverse projects in our area".  


Thank you to Grayshott Pottery, for their support, also to Pins and Needles for hosting the box office, the bell ringers of St Luke's Church, The Ludshott Photographic Group, and Wild Visual Communications for the creation of our website.

Hidden Gardens of Grayshott could not be more appreciative of the support from Glen Myers and all at Grayshott Pottery for supporting the Piggy Hunt in 2019 free to all children who, if they found 6 piggies in different gardens got a free Special Piggy Cup Cake
A hiding piggy

We are currently taking applications for the funding of local community projects in 2019-2021, please go to the funding applications page to apply. We would love to hear from exciting and innovative garden-related  projects that will benefit the community as a whole.

Our 2017/2018 beneficiaries were:

Fitzroy Support/Donec - £500 towards further development of their Sensory Garden

Grayshott Social Club - £500 towards their new window boxes

Boundary Road Residents Association - £600 towards planting the border

 on either side of the bridleway from Headley Road to the Doctors Surgery

PK Pre-School - £500 towards developing a tranquil sensory garden.

Grayshott Parish Council - £2,210 towards the gorgeous hanging baskets, that adorn Grayshott village during the summer months and their upkeep.

Grayshott Heritage - £250 towards the Grayshott Tree Walk pamphlet, which includes advertising for Hidden Gardens.  


Our beneficiaries in previous years have been:​


Grayshott Village Hall               £1000        Enhance planting

Grayshott Parish Council          £1500        War Memorial Garden and Crossways Road Car Park

St Lukes Church                        £  100        Enhance planting

St Josephs Church                    £  100        Enhance planting


St Lukes Church                        £  500        Enhance planting

Grayshott School                       £  500        Establish a School Gardening Club

Grayshott Parish Council          £1500        Trees in Village Square

Grayshott Gardeners                £  350         Work with young people

Grayshott Parish Council          £  250        Daffodil bulbs

Arthritis Care                             £  100        Garden visit for Members


Grayshott School                       £  600         New Greenhouse and Wildlife Pond

Grayshott Scouts & Cubs          £  200         Tidy up area around Scout Hut

St Lukes Church                        £  750         Restoration of cemetery tool shed

Grayshott Day Centre                £  200         Activities with members

Grayshott Parish Council          £1000         Plants for Village Square

Grayshott Parish Council          £1000         War Memorial Garden

Buy In Grayshott                        £  300         Repairs to Water Bowser for Hanging Basket Scheme
Grayshott in Bloom                   £1000         Village Hanging Baskets and Pots

Grayshott Parish Council          £ 250          Planting in Peter Leete Car Park


Grayshott Parish Council          £  500        Daffodil Bulbs on Ecott Green

Grayshott In Bloom                   £  500        Village Hanging Baskets and Pots

Elizabeth Fitzroy Support         £  500        New Garden for Residents

Grayshott Parish Council          £  150        Bulbs for Peter Leete Car Park

Grayshott Parish Council          £   84         Box Hedging at Beacon View

Grayshott Doctors Surgery       £  250        New Planters for Entrance

Buy In Grayshott                        £  500        Contribution for new water bowser

Buy In Grayshott                        £  125        New summer bedding planters

Grayshott Primary School        £  500        Improve planting at entrance

Grayshott Village Hall               £ 300         Community tables


Grayshott School                        £  100       School Gardening Club

Grayshott in Bloom                    £  500        Village Hanging Baskets and Pots

Grayshott Christmas Lights      £1000       Winter lights 

PK Pre School                             £  100       Plants for the play area

Grayshott Gardeners                  £  100       For their work in the community

Grayshott Parish Council           £  100       Planting in War Memorial Garden

Grayshott Parish Council           £  350       Spring bulbs for the Village

Grayshott in Bloom                    £1000        Village Hanging Baskets and Pots


Grayshott Primary School         £  460       Garden Tools for gardening club

Grayshott Parish Council           £3000       Grayshott in Bloom and new plants for village community areas

Elizabeth Fitzroy Support          £  500       Towards a Sensory Garden

Buy In Grayshott                         £ 500        Christmas Light Appeal

Hidden Gardens of Grayshott    £303         Planting at the front of Lloyds Bank

Grayshott Gardeners                  £250         For work with young people

Grayshott Parish Council           £565         New tree at Sainsburys

None of this would have been possible without your kind and generous support; here's hoping we can support many more great causes for years to come.

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