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Your outdoor living room

Our view of our gardens has transformed over the last few years, from simply a space where the kids play, to an outdoor space suitable for entertaining friends and family. We are sure you can remember those outdoor parties during the Covid years, sometimes in the pouring rain or cold, just so that we could see our loved ones! Your garden is an outdoor living room that adds value to your home If you have spent the last couple of years creating an outside oasis, you are certainly not the only ones. People are now actively seeking closer connections to the outdoors and what better way to get back to nature than by being in your garden! We had a delightful conversation with Darren and Sarah from Warren Powell Richards Estate Agents in the village, (our longest serving sponsor for Hidden Gardens), about how gardens have made a significant difference to the sale of a house in the last couple of years. They told me about a house in Hammer Lane, where viewers were more interested in the garden and its sensational views over The Golden Valley rather than the house itself! Unsurprisingly it sold quickly. Demand for houses with outside entertaining spaces has increased, which is why Grayshott is proving to be such a popular village. Compared to other towns and villages in the area, Grayshott is not only blessed with a gorgeous National Trust setting, but many of the gardens are also the perfect size for entertaining and doing a spot of gardening. And of course let’s not forget the great facilities our village has to offer!

The garden featured below is an excellent example of the desire for a big outside dining and entertaining space, as well as a good-sized garden to potter or unwind in. For the eagle eyed you may even spot a greenhouse, Sarah explains that more people want a self-sufficient lifestyle so having space to grow your own fruit and veg is proving popular. In fact over a third of gardeners now grow their own*, so if you have just started and need advice Grayshott's two allotments are open during the Hidden Gardens Weekend, and the allotmenteers will be happy to help!

So why do Warren Powell Richards love supporting Hidden Gardens of Grayshott?

Darren explains, “The Hidden Gardens team are volunteers that support the community with a really enjoyable event. What is really special is that the money raised will fund gardening projects in the village that many villagers benefit from, thus making Grayshott a nicer place to live in and of course sell properties!”

Sarah and Darren have this great advice on how to present your garden at it's best for visitors:

  1. Tidy the garden. Sweep up leaves, get rid of weeds and trim your hedges.

  2. De-pet the garden! Remove pet toys, bedding and hutches to offer a clear, clean lawn.

  3. Make sure it’s safe. Tighten up hand rails and repair broken decking or loose paving slabs.

  4. Stage the garden. Dress the outside dining table and set up the BBQ.

  5. Take photos in the spring and summer showing how lovely the garden looks during different seasons.

We are sure all our garden owners opening for the Hidden Gardens weekend on 28th and 29th May have ticked these off their list, so why not pop the date in your diary and lets all get back to nature!

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