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What our community has to say about supporting us...

"Dedicating my time as a volunteer for Hidden Gardens of Grayshott gives me the opportunity to connect with others in our community for a common goal which supports our village.  Seeing the results of the projects funded in the village from the proceeds raised at the event gives me a real sense of accomplishment and pride that I have played my part in some small way."

- Volunteer


"We open our garden for this event to support the causes of one of the most successful initiatives for the community of this village.  Taking part as a garden owner is worthwhile, a pleasure and it is fun!  We enjoy meeting the visitors and sharing our love of gardening with them.."

- Garden Owner

hidden gardens 2019 (180).jpg

"In Grayshott what shines through more than anything else is a strong and active community, and Hidden Gardens of Grayshott embodies this more than any other event we can think of.  An event where people open their homes for the benefit of their community is  one we are delighted to support.."

- Sponsor

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