Funding Application Guidance

The applications deadline for this quarter is Tuesday 7 July 2020

Applications for grants are now being considered and are available to any individual, group or organisation with a charitable or community goal for use on a 'garden-related' project that benefits the community within Grayshott.  Grants are available for specific projects only and may not cover core running costs or salaries.  Grants may be awarded partially or fully.

To be considered for funding please complete the application form below and submit it to us by the deadline above. We recommend you complete the form on a computer or tablet rather than a phone.

Submitting your application

Applications can be submitted via the online application form at the bottom of this page. You have the option to add attachments and to print out the completed form for your records. 

Printing your application

If you wish to print the application, please make sure you click the Print button before submitting as you won't be able to print it afterwards. 

What happens next?

On receipt of your application you will receive notification of the committee’s next quarterly meeting at which your application will be considered.

Your grant may not be awarded in full dependent on the grants received and payment may be staged or withheld until the completion of the project and evidence of its success.

Project criteria

  1. Your project must have a horticultural core, be of benefit to the community and be within Grayshott.

  2. Funding cannot be considered retrospectively.

  3. Applications should include estimates of the costs (including VAT) and evidence of receipts etc may be required.

  4. The Project should be completed before the next Hidden Gardens of Grayshott Event.

  5. You must agree to the project being photographed and used to publicise the Hidden Gardens of Grayshott Scheme.

We are unable to consider grants that:

  • Fund core costs or salaries

  • Discriminate against certain members of the community

  • Benefit individuals only or projects that do not have community use or charitable status.

  • Are retrospective projects

Need advice or information?

You may wish to contact one of the Hidden Gardens Committee to talk through the suitability of your project prior to application.  Either email or call Vanessa Thompson on 01428 607309.

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