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The photographs on this site were taken at previous Hidden Gardens.

If you are in a photo and you would rather we didn’t use it, please let us know.


Why do we open our garden?   Our garden is a luxurious pleasure which we are delighted to share with as many people as possible. There is always such a wonderful atmosphere at the event and meeting other people with common interests who come from far and wide is inspiring. Being able to help raise funds for our community is an added bonus.

Vanessa Thompson

Thank you to all those people who have worked so tirelessly to make their gardens beautiful, interesting and unique and for having the generosity of spirit to allow us all in to see what wonders you have performed.

Each garden is a gem in its own way and every one of them had something very special about it; that was the warmth of the welcome offered by the owners of the gardens to everyone who visited. Tina and I spent a really pleasant afternoon on Monday admiring the plants and the settings and getting to know people we’d never met before. It was both uplifting and humbling.

We loved Gill’s Finnish barbecue house-so cosy. We couldn’t believe how many vegetables Mr. Moore fitted into his patch (thank you for the Geranium too), St Annes was stunning, Carol’s chickens and Helen’s gorgeous fabrics, the busy bees and possibly the biggest Rhododendron in the whole blooming world. It was all so fascinating and inspiring for us and perhaps the thing that captured the spirit of Hidden Gardens best of all was the wonderful garden created by the volunteer gardener at Donec Mews for the pleasure of its residents. That felt like a very special place and so were the people working there.
Thank you to everyone who took part and opened their gardens as well as their hearts.

Des O'Byrne

It is wonderful to see such a variety of different gardens large and small.  It has given us some ideas for our garden. A lovely way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend. Thank you to all.

Julia Hedger

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