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Our cut flower garden is blooming wonderful!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Back in March we wrote about growing a cut-flower garden, and we're thrilled to report that it has been a great success and that we've learnt a few things along the way.

The flower cutting patch was sown with a packets of seeds from Chiltern Seeds on a colour theme of apricots and oranges with splashes of burgundy and lime green. Here's a reminder of what we planted:

Our seeds were cell sown and then grown on in 7/9 cm pots before being transferred out into the garden in mid May. The dahlias were started off in 2ltr pots and planted out into enriched soil at the end of May.

All have been successful! The Chinese asters, strawflowers and scabious are budding up but are yet to bloom. The dahlias are just beginning to show.

Most are lasting well (10 days) in the vase. The cosmos and sweet peas being the exception but they can still be enjoyed for 5/6 days.

Some of the key learnings have been:

  1. Should have sown more Foxgloves (Dalmatian series) - 2 packets would be sufficient.

  2. Annual phlox ‘cherry caramel’ need to be supported so will likely sow in 2 rows next year and put canes with string around them to form a corral.

  3. There should be more space than we allowed between the rows for weeding and picking.

  4. Grow something blue or lilac to offset the sea of oranges.

We've been picking the flowers first thing in the morning several times a week so the house is filled with their beautiful fragrance. We've also given copious bunches to friends! It's been a wonderfully rewarding experience, and something we aim to do again next year!

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