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Grayshott’s Gloriously Jubilant Blooms!

Didn’t Grayshott look wonderful during the Jubilee celebrations? From the colourful bunting and shop windows to the flowers and plants around the village.

Did you notice the floral displays in and around the village planted up in red, white and blue?

Perhaps you’ve seen the beautiful borders around the car parks, bursting with summer colour and shrubs? What about the hanging baskets along Headley and Crossways Roads, and all the planters and containers in the square?

Funds raised by the Hidden Gardens of Grayshott contribute to these lovely displays!

Yes, that’s right! And we couldn’t do it without your support. When you open your garden, provide sponsorship or visit Hidden Gardens of Grayshott with your family and friends, you’re contributing to the funds that are used to make our village beautiful.

Since our first event in 2005, with your generosity, that of your friends and other visitors; we have been able to raise over £40,000 to support gardening and outdoor-related activities in the village. It’s wonderful that our residents who show their beautiful gardens not only inspire visitors, but also delight the local community with the funds raised for a multitude of local causes.

We asked a few of our beneficiaries to tell us what a difference the money has made to their cause, and here’s what they had to say:

The grants have been transformative!

"The creation of the sensory garden led to a massive overhaul and provides huge benefits to the people we support, some of whom are in wheelchairs. The sensory garden includes features, surfaces, objects and plants that stimulate the senses through touch, sight, scent, taste and hearing. It has created an accessible and calming place".

- Mel Edwards, Deputy Manager, Donec Mews

"The School has enjoyed financial support, loads of plants and valuable horticultural advice".

- Richard Austin, Head Teacher, Grayshott School

"The planters and hanging baskets which were funded with Hidden Gardens monies really have brightened up the place – it’s lovely".

- Karen McGowan, Trustee, Grayshott Social Club

"‘The Beavers have been growing beans, so they can harvest and eat them….a real field to fork endeavour. The grant is enabling young people to do badge work associated with gardening".

- Aidan Wallace, Grayshott Scouts

We all benefit from the beautiful hanging baskets

"Hidden Gardens of Grayshott is an important community organisation, with prolific fund-raising capability. We all benefit from the beautiful hanging baskets and plantings, which are funded by Grayshott Parish Council and Hidden Gardens of Grayshott. The colourful planting makes the environment so pleasant and helps to ensure Grayshott is a ‘go-to place’ for residents and visitors’.

- Richard Lyon, Chairman, Grayshott Parish Council

So when you next see the planters of herbs and sunflowers in the school playground, the colourful container plants growing at the Social Club and the garden seating at the Housing Association’s scheme in Crossways Road, you’ll know they were funded by Hidden Gardens of Grayshott and your generous support.

It’s great to know that we have all made a difference to the village we live in and we look forward to seeing you all at our next event where we can raise money to support lots more amazing initiatives.

Our June Bubbly Winners!

The winners of our bottle of bubbly and family tickets for the next event are Jenny and Tony, who shared these images of their gorgeous garden and said:

"We moved into this new build in January 2020 and it was a mud patch. It was designed as a wheelchair accessible garden and completed in December 2020. We have been enjoying it ever since."

Thinking of opening your garden for next year's event?

If you are inspired and are thinking of opening your garden for next year’s event do email us with photos of your garden. And if you are a garden owner who has opened their garden previously and would like to be featured in a future newsletter do get in touch.

Other ways to support us:


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