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Bringing a smile to our community during the Covid-19 lockdown

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

In Grayshott we are lucky to have gardens and open spaces in our community, and we recognise that for many they are important for their health and wellbeing. The “Hidden Gardens of Grayshott” is a village charity, where owners open up their gardens every other year to inspire the village and create a great day out for all. The event in 2019 was visited by almost 1,500 people over the May bank holiday and we raised £15,000, money that is then donated to local community gardening projects.

In these challenging times the “

Hidden Gardens of Grayshott” team wanted to say thank you to some of our exceptional Grayshott residents. 

We have teamed up with local garden centres and nurseries to purchase surplus perishable plants that would otherwise have been wasted.  We are then distributing these mini ‘hidden gardens’ to key workers in the village, as well as shielded or vulnerable residents in self isolation.  We felt that they could do with some colour to make them smile at the end of an exhausting day or brighten up their time indoors. 

We've delivered plants to key workers at Green Gables, Grayshott Pharmacy and Grayshott Surgery

In just 24 hours from the initial seedling of an idea we made the first delivery!

We would like to thank the many people, organisations and charities who have helped make this happen so far:

  • Avalon Garden Centre, Churt

  • Covid-19 Community Support Group, Grayshott

  • Grayshott Housing Association, Grayshott

  • Grayshott Pharmacy, Grayshott

  • Green Gables Nursing Home, Grayshott

  • Kaighin & Daughter, Grayshott

  • In-Homecare Staffing Agency, Grayshott

If you’ve received one of our “Hidden Gardens of Grayshott” plants we’d love to hear from you or if you know of any NHS keyworkers living locally as we’ll do our best to surprise them with something special.

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